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Can Tungsten Rings be Resized?

You might think that if you measure the size of your finger accurately, the ring will fit your finger, but in fact, the size of the finger will change with age, weight gain or decrease, then you need to adjust the size of the ring. Then, can tungsten rings be resized?

Tungsten carbide behaves more like ceramic than metal. Pure tungsten is a metal, but many metals can be combined with non-metallic elements and then turned into ceramics. According to how different atoms share electrons with each other in ceramics, atomic bonding is a covalent bond or an ionic bond. Covalent and ionic bonds are stronger than metal bonds, which means they have a higher melting point, are harder, and have lower ductility. Glass, bricks and gems are common ceramics, they are very strong and hard, but they are also very brittle. When tungsten is forged with carbon and becomes tungsten carbide, it forms a covalent bond and becomes very hard but also becomes brittle.

Can tungsten rings be resized?

Tungsten rings cannot be sized: the first reason is that they are too brittle and the atomic bonds formed during sintering do not combine with other materials. The process of adjusting the dimensions of the rings involves cutting them and adding/removing metals of the same alloy. Attempting to adjust the size of the tungsten carbide ring is not possible because the ring is not flexible, so cutting it is as dangerous as cutting glass and may rupture in unwanted directions.

The second reason is that a ring is formed by a sintering process, tungsten and carbon powder are placed in a mold, heated in a vacuum furnace to extreme heat, and a solid sheet is formed. Even if you cut the ring, reheating will not cause the ring to become more flexible or form a sufficient bond in the area that is cut before/after material removal. The temperature required to allow the loop to be sufficiently flexible for forging will be so high that the ring melts and loses its entire shape.

Can tungsten rings be disassembled in an emergency?

Yes. If you need to remove your tungsten ring in an emergency. Please do this: first place the pliers gently on the ring. Then slowly tighten tightly and until that you hear a broken sound. Remove the pliers and place it in another position on the ring. Repeat the previous steps until the tungsten ring comes off. Be careful not to slide or rotate the cracked ring on your finger to avoid scratching your fingers.

In short, tungsten rings cannot be physically sized. However, if you buy a ring from Find U Rings, we offer free life-time warranty for size changes. And you don’t have to go to a jewelry store or pay for a resizable service.

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