How to Wear Rings

Western tradition is to wear wedding rings and engagement rings on the left hand, but this is not true everywhere. For example, the Greeks wear wedding rings on their right hands. Western tradition believes that the right hand is used for work, activities and places that require manual operation, while the left hand is related to emotions and beliefs. In fact, the meaning of the ring depends on which finger you wear it on. The meaning of wearing a ring on different fingers is completely different. The following can help you understand how to wear a ring on your hands.

1. Thumb

Wearing a ring on the left thumb symbolizes stubbornness and grumpiness. But in recent years, decorating the thumb with beautiful gems or cocktail rings has become a fashion statement. The ring on your right thumb may be a fabulous fashion expression, but it can also symbolize your desire to impose your will. Especially senior business leaders have begun to wear rings on their thumbs.

2. Index finger

The left index finger means leadership. It is also an ideal finger to show off a gem ring. Many women choose to wear cocktail rings on their index fingers or other types of personality rings. In traditional Jewish weddings, the groom puts the wedding ring on the bride’s right index finger. However, in other cultures, the ring on the right index finger shows the ability to be cautious and dominant.

3. Middle finger

Putting the ring on the left middle finger has less to do with non-verbal insults, but it has more to do with power. This means that you have the ability to take responsibility and be ready to meet challenges at any time. The ring finger of the right middle finger can indicate a balanced and strong belief. People usually wear rings with their right middle fingers at business meetings to subconsciously assure partners that they are trustworthy.

4. Ring finger

The ring finger is so named because it is traditionally used for wedding rings and engagement rings. It will immediately communicate your marital status based on your culture. The left ring finger is usually dedicated to your wedding ring. If you live in Germany, Russia or India, wearing a ring on your ring finger means you are married or engaged. For the rest of the world, this means creativity and resourcefulness. In astrology, the right ring finger is associated with the moon, which means tranquility and femininity.

5. Little finger

It looks interesting to wear a ring on your little finger. In the past, wearing two rings on your pinky meant you were married. The bottom is the wedding ring, and the top is the engagement ring. But in engineering and ecology and other majors, people wear rings on their little fingers to show their professionalism. If someone is left-handed, some people may wear this professional ring on the little finger of their left hand.

As you can see, a ring is a very powerful piece of jewelry. It has many meanings, depending on which finger you choose to wear. Now that you know how to wear a ring, check out our unique wedding rings and engagement rings at the Find U Rings online store. For more interesting ring information, please read our other articles.

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