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What Hand do Gay Couples Wear Their Wedding Rings

A few decades ago, it was almost unthinkable for some gay couples to plan their weddings or even a dream. Hundreds of gay couples cannot use their marriage or religious relationships to bring their love together. This connection can make their daily lives easier, and their identity is recognized and recognized. Now, it is easy for a gay couple’s wedding to be realized. At the same time, more and more gay engagement rings and wedding rings appear on their wedding stage. So, what hand do gay couples wear their wedding rings?

1. Left hand

Undoubtedly, in the Western world, the left ring finger is the original finger wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring, and its history can be traced back to the Roman era. It is believed that one of the fingers can pump blood directly into the blood vessels of the heart, adding spiritual meaning to the fingers. This is a common choice for all gay and lesbian couples, as it is named a wedding ring that conveys a clear message to the world about your relationship.

2. Right hand

In some cultures and religions, it is common to wear an engagement ring or a wedding ring in your right hand. For example, in a traditional Jewish community, a wedding ring is usually worn on the index finger of the right hand. Recently, it has become a popular choice for same-sex couples to wear a band on their right-hand ring finger, which echoes the original left-hand ring finger. For some people, this is to maintain personal relationships. But for gay couples, this shows that their love is unique, and this is a statement to be proud of.

3. Other options

There are no fixed rules on which finger a gay couple’s wedding ring should wear, and there are many other options for a wedding ring. Some people choose to wear a strap around their neck. This option has practical advantages if you work in an industrial or medical environment. A common practice in the Victorian era was when married men wear wedding rings on their little fingers.

Others may choose their non-dominant hands as the hands of the ring so they can play instruments, write or otherwise use their favorite hands without being hindered by it. You may want to wear the ring on the same finger on the same hand, or wear the ring on a different finger according to your personal preference.

The above different views are all appropriate. It depends on what each gay couple wants to convey in their concept of marriage. You can wear your wedding ring on the ring finger of your left hand. If you think it’s important to show that your marriage is no different from a heterosexual marriage, or you can wear it on your right hand to avoid some intrusive problems. If this is important to you, you can also rely on traditions related to your beliefs to make decisions.

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